Mission & Vision

“Helping you know Jesus,
so you can help others do the same”

The Mission

“Helping you know Jesus,
so you can help others do the same”

  • essence: We desire to be disciples that make disciples. (followers of Jesus that make and inspire others to follow Jesus)
  • essence: Our mission is to create devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
  • implies: Life is about being with and knowing Jesus. (the Gospel)
  • implies: Life is lived out in relationship with others that as we know and enjoy God, others can and will find salvation in Christ as God works in and through us for His glory.

The Vision

Where the church of this generation makes a space for the church of the next generation -- “Create to ’28”

  • Asking God to create a new work in us individually; emphasizing BEing with God over DOing for God - personal transformation
  • Establishing discipleship pathways and assimilation process — every member transformation
  • Working to create a new sustainable governance for the future - organizational transformation 
  • As we pour monies, time, and effort into our church (meaning people and facility) it will be what we can use to REACH our community for Jesus long after we are gone - congregational transformation

We do this through...

the desired attributes of our body of believers we call "members"

Prioritizing and spending time with God

Prioritizing and spending time with God (the Trinity)… glorify God and enjoy His presence through personal spiritual practices and worship

Engaging in Biblical community

Engaging in Biblical community through worship services, fellowship groups, and discipleship groups

Serving God to give HIM all glory

  • In our families and relationships by putting others needs before our own — Philippians 2
  • In our church by utilizing the spiritual gifts, specific abilities, and resources we have to build up the body of believers, the church — Ephesians 
  • In our community (and world) through stewarding what we have, prayer, and encouragement to meet the needs of others

We are willing to be selfless

We take risks
We create opportunities
We welcome strangers
We build Christian friendships
We bear each others burdens
We love unconditionally

"We Love, Because He First Loved US"

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