Membership is a core value within Baptist traditions. As would be expected, we hold membership in  high regard and treat it as such. Becoming a member of Chester Baptist (or any church) is a big decision that should be bathed in prayer and led through the wisdom and discernment by the Spirit of God. First and foremost, to be a member of our church, an individual must already be a member of God's family, simply acknowledging that their salvation is through Jesus and in Him alone.

While we accept transfer memberships from other churches, we ask that all those seeking membership to walk through our membership process to prayerfully discern whether this is the local church family that God is leading you to join through a covenant commitment.

The Pathway to Membership

Currently our "Membership Process" is under construction and receiving an update. Please make an appointment through the office to discuss membership and how to engage more deeply in our church.


Please set up an appointment through the office to meet with Pastor Nate. Here you can find out more about who we are and next steps!

101 Membership Class

This class will walk through the Foundations of our Faith, our church history, our current mission, vision, and values we share as a covenant body of believers.  (currently in development)

Get Involved 

Start your discipleship journey with us! Our first and foremost role as a child of God is to grow in our relationship with Him. Join one of our Discipleship Journey group or a smaller micro D-group to develop rhythms of following Jesus.    (currently in development)


Join us in using the skills and abilities you have been given from God, as well as the spiritual gifts you have for the encouragement of our church. (currently in development)

Meet with the Pastor

Nate Travis has been our senior pastor for the last two years of our one hundred seventeen years of history in Chester. He preaches most Sundays and loves people and cheesesteaks (real ones). You can chat with him most Sundays following the service in the Welcome Center.

We'd Love to Meet with You!

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