At Chester Baptist, we believe it is an incredible privilege to, in the words of Psalm 96:3, "Declare this glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all the people." That leads us to prayerfully find ways together to declare God's glory, to proclaim the good news, and to be servants to people in need - around the world and right here in Chester.  


Missions, for any church, is a two-sided venture: giving and going. 

GIVING -  Chester Baptist Church gives a large percentage of  its annual budget to missions.  This includes money for both the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Baptist General Association of Virginia, and a few special nation-wide entities.  We also contribute monthly to support a missionary who has connections with Chester Baptist.

GOING - Chester Baptist Church engages in several special mission projects.  Our efforts include mission trips both domestic and international. 



Mission Opportunities
There are numerous opportunities available for those interested in serving in Virginia, the U.S., Canada or overseas. Anyone interested in serving either at home or abroad should contact Bill Damon for a list of opportunities. Bill is coordinator of the Missions Ministry Team. Our church is active in several projects locally, nationally and internationally.  People are needed to do evangelism, prayer walks, Jesus film distribution, beach evangelism, face painting, construction, and many other things.

 Volunteers Needed for Community Fellowship Suppers
Community Fellowship Suppers are free meals served the first and third Thursday of each month (September-May). Community Fellowship Suppers provide companionship to those in our community and church. If you've thought of working with Community Fellowship Suppers and were not ready to make a full-time commitment, we would be delighted to have you work any first or third Thursday night of your choice. 

Volunteer Drivers Needed
The Shepherd's Center of Chesterfield is in need of volunteer drivers to help older adults in our community. Drivers are needed to take them to visits with their doctors, visit pharmacies, go to the bank, or run errands. These are mostly during the daytime. If you can help, please call the Shepherd's Center Office at 804-706-9198.

Backpack Ministry
We prepare backpacks for needy school children so that they will have food to take home for the weekend in two different schools.

If you would like any additional information or are interested in volunteering with any of these programs, please contact us