Ministry Teams

Ministry teams are important to our church.  Everyone has different interest and spiritual gifts.  We encourage everyone to use their spiritual gifts in ministry with others to serve our church and community.  We welcome all  participants of our church to join one or more ministry teams.


fellowship teams


The Kitchen Ministry Team will coordinate any and all activities that involve the use of the church's kitchen and Great Hall, and will be responsible for all church-wide fellowship meals. It will be responsible for planning social events which involve the whole church unless they are specifically planned by some other organization. If some other organization plans an event for the whole church, it shall ensure that all church policies are followed. This team will operate and maintain the kitchen in a way that glorifies God and is a ministry to our Church family and an outreach to others.


The Youth Team will work with the Minister of Youth and the youth in planning and executing a youth program for the church that will lead the young people toward a closer dedication to God, a positive Christian testimony, and the development of Christian leadership, character and social life.


The Children Team will provide supervised activities for children when needed during the regular services, church activities, and for such other times as requested or needed.


Church TEAMS


The Transportation Team will administer and interpret the church policies for the use of any church vehicle, provide transportation for any church group requesting it, and supervise the care and maintenance of any church vehicles. Safety considerations will always be paramount.

Media Library
The Media Library Team is responsible for maintaining all forms of media for the church.

The Historians Team collects, preserves and promote the church's past for present and future generations. It will be responsible for maintaining and updating an official history of the church.


Shall inspect church property and buildings as often as needed; maintain an inventory of all property, buildings, furnishings and system equipment; maintain church property and system equipment through operational and preventive maintenance; bring to the church recommendations, through the Finance Committee, for repairs that exceed the current budgetary scope of the committee; promote the conservation of energy and other resources; and administer such other work as may be assigned to the committee by the church.


The Grounds Team shall inspect church grounds (outside the buildings), and accomplish or make arrangements for the proper maintenance of the grounds, including the paved and concrete surfaces, grass, trees, and all plants, so that all grounds surrounding the church buildings will be kept attractive to members and visitors. Any proposed expenditures that exceed the current budgetary scope of the team shall be brought to the church through the Finance Committee.


The Memorial team shall study and make recommendations to the church regarding memorial funds left in memory of a particular person. Memorial objects to be presented to the church shall be approved by this team and the church. This team will be responsible for all written acknowledgements of memorial gifts given to Chester Baptist Church.



The Ushers Team will provide ushers for all scheduled services or activities for which the sanctuary is used. The ushers shall be attentive to the needs of the congregation and the pastor.

Audio Visual

The Audio-Visual Team will be responsible for the operation of sound and visual systems in support of church programs. In addition, they will maintain the equipment and supplies, and submit budgets to accomplish tasks. They shall enlist and train volunteer personnel to operate the equipment and maintain the schedule of technicians.


The Flowers Team shall arrange for flowers and decorations at worship services and for special occasions, and to distribute them when no longer required by the church.

Music & Performance Arts

The Music & Performance Arts Team will include one adult leader from the graded choirs, two from the adult choir; one from Instrumentalists, and any others from the congregation. Their duty will be to assist the Minister of Music in the overall music and performance arts programs of the church and encourage church-wide participation in these programs.


The Advent Team will include a coordinator, the church ministerial staff, leader of the Flowers team, a representative from each adult Sunday School department, a representative of the Children's Department, director of the WMU, or a designee, and other individuals that the Christmas coordinator may appoint as needed. The responsibilities of this team will be detailed in a Christmas Guide prepared by the Church Council.

BAPTISTERY Ministry Team

The Baptist Ministry Team will fill the baptistery when needed, drain it after use, and keep it clean. It will be responsible for any repairs needed.

Contemporary Worship 
The Contemporary Worship Team works together to plan music and make changes to the contemporary worship service.



Leadership Training

The Leadership Training Team will be responsible for planning and executing church leadership training programs. and for promoting leadership training opportunities provided by other churches, the focal association, state association or the national convention.



The Missions Ministry Team will seek out possibilities for mission projects, coordinate mission activities where appropriate, promote missions and mission projects among all age groups, and inform the church regarding mission activities.


The Outreach Ministry Team is be responsible for coordinating outreach efforts of Chester Baptist Church. The works with church leaders and organizational directors in planning and executing activities such as visitation efforts, special events to attract visitors, the purchase or production of outreach materials; and other activities that publicize and promote the church.



This ministry team recognizes persons who have experienced something for which we can join in celebration and thanksgiving. Some occasions acknowledged are anniversaries, awards, baptisms, birthdays, births, graduation, honor roll/dean’s list, promotions, special accomplishments, sport accomplishments, and weddings. A variety of methods are used to mark the different events.


This team takes referrals from the church office and other concerned CBC members and visits folks in the hospital. This team offers a training session on proper hospital visitation etiquette and has an established rotation schedule for team members. A record of visits is also maintained.


This team reaches out to church families affected by the death of a loved one. The goal of the team is to provide support and love through visits, food and any other help that might be needed. The Bereavement Team will be responsible for coordination of church sponsored activities related to funerals and memorial services. It will determine the policies and procedures for providing meals or receptions for families of the bereaved.


This ministry team welcomes new members of our church. The team offers a personal tour of our facilities and an introduction to the various programs and ministries of the church such as Sunday School, worship, and children/youth programs.


This ministry team makes the first follow-up contact with all visitors to our church. This team welcomes new residents of our community and informs them of our desire as a church to serve their needs.


This team provides assistance in small jobs and repairs around the home. The jobs generally include minor electrical, plumbing and carpentry repairs along with some automotive and outside yard maintenance. This ministry offers a pool of individuals who own a pickup truck that can assist in moving or disposing of bulky items. The team provides the labor, tools, coordination and transportation for the jobs.


This is a ministry of providing food for those persons affected by a time of crisis and/or upheaval of their normal schedule. Food is provided in different ways: home cooked meals, purchased meals or money/gift certificates.


The goal of this team is to encourage and inspire our church members, visitors, and community to have a deeper prayer life and educate them on the power of prayer. Committed people pray daily and come together at a designated time to pray in one of three areas: our church staff and their families, the church as a whole, and for our government (local, state, & national).